Thursday, June 9, 2011

Swiftly fly the Days

"Life" is happening at a high rate of speed these days. I feel like I am always busy. The days are long and full of chores and errands. I know I'm always doing something, but if you asked me on Friday what I did all week, I wouldn't be able to tell you! It all flies by and I'm just trying to keep up.

We have been focusing more intently on emergency preparedness, stocking up the pantry and whatnot. There are so many cool preparedness-type gadgets out there. Every time I think I have a complete list of what to buy, I see something else that seems like a "must-have." No way we could buy them all.

People are preppers for different reasons. Some fear environmental catastrophes; some fear biological warfare; others fear the world will be forever changed (for the worse) at the end of 2012. My biggest fear is hyperinflation, caused by (among other things) the total lack of fiscal responsibility our leaders currently possess. My best-case scenario: things get a lot more expensive. My worst-case scenario: the US dollar collapses, and we face a situation like what Zimbabwe or Argentina went through.  We could even become a barter-based society again--which might not be so bad, as long as law and order existed.

But, what can you do? The only thing I know to do is prepare. Stock up now, so if prices do inflate, you at least have a "cushion." Learn some skills: gardening, canning, sewing, soapmaking, etc. Learn to do what you can for yourself. Learn to appreciate what you have, and take care of it.

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