Sunday, July 17, 2011

For Your Reading Pleasure

I have finished culling my blogroll. I didn't notice exactly how many blogs I was following when I started cutting them out but I'm sure it was well over 50, maybe over 60 blogs. Now I'm down to 35, which still sounds like a lot, but many of them only post once a week or less.

I have come across some great postings in the last few weeks, so I thought I would share some with you. We'll call this my first ever "Best of the Weblogs" post.

Going back to Independence Day, Dan the Urbivalist had a post that taught me something I didn't know. I enjoyed the write-up and resulting comments more than the video. Also on Independence Day, the Refuge posted a music video set to the tune of OneRepublic's "Apologize" that could be considered amusing and/or hokey if it weren't true. And, if you close your eyes and try to forget that most of the actors are probably die-hard democrats, this video/reading of the Declaration of Independence...well, it got me right there.

And one more video from Refuge--Economic Armageddon and You--does a great job of outlining the economic crisis in layman's terms.

I only discovered Granny Miller's blog a month or two ago. She has a lot of "how-to" posts I really enjoy. Recently (or maybe it just took me a while to notice it in the sidebar) she posted a note on her blog that she will be deleting it at the end of the year, so I have been reading through her archives while I still have the chance. I came across this powerful post that really touched me. The post is actually about why her family chooses to raise their own livestock for meat as opposed to buying meat in stores. But it resounded more with me because one of the things I dread most about a post-SHTF world is having to hunt and/or raise, slaughter and dress my own meat.

The Sci-Fi Chick does a great round-up of pertinent news stories that the main stream media missed. My personal favorite is how Obama apparently thinks we common folk are incapable of understanding the financial crisis in this country. Because, you know, the politicians are doing such a great job of handling it.

The SurvivalWoman reposted a great story here about a modern-day wagon train. Funny she posted it now, as I have recently been mulling over whether any of our friends and relatives would be interested in going in on some land for a survival retreat. This was a neat take on how to accomplish such a feat, though I don't really agree with the part about walking away from financial obligations. If we get lucky and things don't go to hell in a handbasket after all, I don't want the IRS, or Visa, or any other financial super power looking for me.

And finally for something lighter, I'm enjoying Leon's tale about canoeing the Mississippi River from its source to the ocean. I'd love to make a trip like this some day.

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