Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holidays, Unwell Grandma, and the Leader of the Free World

It’s that busy time of year again. I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. As we get into the full swing of Christmas season and all that it entails, I will probably be posting even less frequently than normal. 

I took a last-minute 7-hour drive this past weekend to help out my grandparents. My grandma had a seizure or stroke—they don’t know which—and as a result her left leg and foot are not working like they should and she can’t get around much. I just hung out for the weekend and did some cleaning and cooking. Their oldest son lives a little closer to them and he’s around to help out a lot as well. Hopefully my grandma will be up and around again before too long. 

We talked a lot about prepping while I was there. My Papa was the first person to tell me I should start stocking up on stuff. I checked out their pantry and they’ve got a lot of food stored: lots of store-bought cans and lots of stuff my grandma canned up as well. They just had their beans and rice in plastic containers and such, so I told my Papa about mylar bags. He hadn’t heard of them before (they don’t have internet). So I guess I know one thing I’ll be getting him for Christmas. They’ve got a deep well and a pond full of catfish, with a large lake within walking distance. There’s lots of deer and turkey as well as bears where they live. They have a fat dog that my Papa “jokes” would make a good meal if it came to that. 

Looks like we might be hosting my brother for Christmas. My mom wants him to come, but we have a spare bedroom and she doesn’t, so he’ll stay with us. I’m looking forward to seeing him but it’s always stressful to have someone come in and break up our routine. Add to that, that we might be hosting the Christmas get-together for both sides of the hubster’s family, and you won’t begrudge me when I say I’ll be glad when the holidays are done. 

Thirty-five days until the first presidential primary in Iowa on January 3rd. Currently it looks like Romney and Gingrich are the front-runners for the Republican nomination. After what the press has done to Cain, I don’t see him recovering. I’m not defending Cain, but I think that of all the possible candidates, before all the sexual allegations surfaced, Cain had the most likely chance of beating Obama at the polls. Romney might be able to pull it off, but I doubt Gingrich can: his abrupt style rubs too many people the wrong way. If the GOP puts up Gingrich for its nominee, then what that says to me is that they don’t want to have a Republican president in office when the S hits the F. And if Obama is re-elected, he’s got nothing left to lose: he can’t be elected for a third term, so he’ll start pushing his real agenda more heavily without worrying about what it does to his voter appeal. Scary stuff. 

In my office, people generally give out a small present to everyone before Christmas, like a nice piece of candy, or a coffee mug, etc. I am trying to think of some inexpensive, prepping-related thing I could give out to about 23 people, that wouldn’t give away the fact that we’re stocking up. I thought of a pre-1965 dime, but I’m not sure I like that idea. Anything come to mind?


  1. How about mini flashlights for the office gift? I am amazed at the number of people who don't have a flashlight or don't know where it is or if it has good batteries in it!

  2. Good idea Marci, but our agency actually just handed out flashlights to everyone at an anniversary celebration a few months ago :\

  3. Good for you Papa...agree with you on Cain and Romney. Romney, at least to me, is just a paler shade of Obama. Truthfully, at this point, I'd vote for a yellow dog over any democritter.

  4. After what the press has done to Cain?

    Cain was inept. Completely out of his league. Doing well in a debate is a lot easier, and different, than being able to run a country.

    What I found surprising is that with his executive experience, he wasn't better at running a campaign.

  5. How about giving out a p-38 can opener to them all?
    As for voting, I'd vote for BOZO if he were running. I'm afraid that we will be stuck with Obama for another four years.

  6. How about those 10 hour hurricane candles? Tell them they are just in case of a storm.

  7. Stephen, our choices are thin for sure.

    Russell, I wasn't necessarily saying that he didn't deserve it. But the press did chew him up and spit him out.

    Flier, I hope you're wrong about Obama, but I'm scared you might be right.

    Swamp Dog, I like the 10-hour candle idea, maybe even together with the p-38.

  8. Homemade jam, if you do it?

    Honestly, I doubt Obama will get anything to onerous through. The man's spin is made of rubber and his own party opposes him half the time.

    As for leader of the free world...I'd rather follow Vlad Putin into Siberia then Obama to the grocers.

  9. The girls over at Food Storage Mady Easy have a few neat ideas for small emergency/preparedness packs for your car or purse. DIY gifts for my family this Christmas.
    Ron Paul 2012!

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  11. Oy! Sorry I missed your comments until now :(

    Pimpley, I haven't made jam yet. It's on my list to learn, though! I hope you're right about Obama not getting anything too onerous to pass.

    Mary, I'll check them out. Thanks!

    Hmmm, advertising on my blog. I've not done it thus far, but maybe I'll consider it. Input, anyone?