Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Catching Up

Finally! Time to write. The hubster is actually working a late shift this week, so it’s just me and the cats and the dog – nice, quiet house.

We’ve been busy. The hubster switched jobs, and then switched back again. I’ve had some big projects at work. We had family visiting from out of state around the holidays. We helped move an aunt up from Texas. My step-mother-in-law had a scare with chest pains, and then my mother-in-law did, too. My sister-in-law had some health issues as well. Everyone’s doing better now, though, except my sister, who’s had a rough pregnancy, and is about to pop, and can’t wait for her fifth son to get here.

We’ve knocked out a couple of projects around the house, including hanging some framed posters and filling and hanging some photo frames. I cleaned out some closets (to make more room for prepping, of course) and got rid of some junk in the garage.

Preppingwise, we’ve accomplished a few things. We’ve stored about 100 gallons of water. We purchased some more rice and beans, and put it up in one-gallon mylar bags. We store the bags in totes, rather than 5-gallon buckets; it just works better for us that way. We were using the typical Sterlite-type, rectangular totes, but the hubster decided to spend a little extra on some nicer ones. These are square instead of rectangular and are made of a thicker, sturdier plastic. I thought the new totes were a little extravagant and unnecessary. His reasoning was a) we put all this time and money into purchasing and storing this food, and it would be a shame to lose it after the SHTF because we bought cheap containers that rodents could get into; and b) he had no worries about stacking these 3 or 4 high if we wanted, where he didn’t think the Sterlites could handle that. It’s good reasoning, so I’m on board with it now.  

We’ve added to the non-perishables such as canned goods and hygiene stuff. I also buy OTC meds on sale for cheap by playing the drugstore game. I’ve added significantly to our survival notebooks, including a lot of information I learned from the blogs I follow.

I’ve also been getting more proficient with the dehydrator. I’ve dehydrated mushrooms, oregano, celery, pineapple, and even made some fruit leather, to name a few. I love the dehydrator. Now I’m keeping an eye out for good store deals on anything I can dehydrate.

I’ve got a few seedlings started indoors for the garden this spring. I’ve mapped out how the garden will lay, and I’ve made a schedule for starting seeds so I won’t get a late start like I did last year. There are some very helpful charts in the back of the square foot gardening book that I used to help me determine how far in advance of the last frost date I need to start the seeds of various plants. Then I marked the dates on my calendar with what seeds need to be planted, from now through the coming fall.

So that’s some of what we’ve been up to. I’m hoping things will start to slow down a little now, and maybe I can get back to regular postings.


  1. guys are over it. Well done. I like to tote idea...think I'll try it.

    1. Thank you Stephen. I like the totes better than the buckets, although I may eventually fix up a few buckets with a variety of stuff in each, either to give away or grab-and-go. Hope you're feeling better/getting stronger!