Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Did You Know

...that there really was a hermit named Arsenius?

I was reading one of my older blog posts the other day, and came across some comments from my blog-friend Arsenius the Hermit, whom many of you also knew. Wondering again what had become of him (he stopped blogging about a year ago), I decided to search for "Arsenius the Hermit" online.

I found several links that spoke of St. Arsenius, referring to him by different descriptions: the Deacon, the Great, and of course, the Hermit. The links did not agree on all points, but the gist was always the same. He was born around 350 AD to a wealthy Roman family. He tutored the children of one or more emperors, before fleeing to Egypt, where he lived as a monk and hermit after renouncing his worldly possessions. He became a Desert Father, and people from all around sought audience with him, for he was considered very wise. However, he almost always refused to meet with people, and lived a life of harsh austerity. When he died, he left all his possessions to his disciples, which reportedly consisted of a tunic, a shirt, and some sandals.

Maybe you all already knew of St. Arsenius, but in case you didn't, I thought I'd share. Here are the links I read:


I found no new news of our friend Arsenius; only lots of older comments he had left on various blogs. Hopefully he is doing well.
"Why words, did I let you get out? I have often been very sorry that I have spoken, never that I have been silent."


  1. I too hope he is doing well. Miss his blogging...

    1. Warlock Sundance, he always had a kind and thoughtful word for everyone.

  2. He is alive and well and enjoying his life as a mountain top hermit.