Saturday, April 9, 2011


I always did love Charlotte's Web.

I am fairly new to the blogosphere, and fairly new to gardening, and fairly new to emergency preparedness. So this very new blog is my attempt to connect with others of like interest, and share some of my own progress as well. I've been regularly reading many blogs already, and I'm motivated by your trials, errors and successes!

My plan was to start this blog at the same time that I started my garden, but I'm only now finding the time. It's a lot of work to get a blog up and going! At any rate, I've got some fodder for some gardening posts already, and maybe even some about emergency preparedness.

We live in the suburbs of a big city, with the typical small suburban yard. I'd love to pack up and move to the country on at least five acres, but that's just not an option right now. I'm always looking for ways to maximize the use of our little lot. But a large dog, a homeowner's association, and a husband who really wants a nice back yard keep me from turning our property into a small farm :)

So that's my introduction. Hopefully I'll have more time this weekend to get things rolling on here. I hope to make some good blogging buddies and be an encouragement to the rest of you!

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  1. A note on the bee situation. Even if they are not allowed it is VERY easy to hide a hive (couple bushes or lattice or anything) and there is no way anyone would ever know as they fly up when they leave the hive and disburse. I teach beekeeping at the John Campbell Folk School ( (this coming weekend by the way)and would be glad to help you along if you decide you want to do that. There are usually local classes in beginning beekeeping sponsored by the local beekeeping association every year in the Jan/Feb time frame. Really enjoyed the pictures of what you are doing with your gardening. Gerald Murphy