Monday, October 10, 2011

A Good Deal on Ammo

The hubster was doing some research online for some deals on ammo and came across this deal at 

Special Purcahse - 500 rds - 40 cal Winchester Ranger 180 gr Bonded Hollow Point ammo Z Q4355

500 rounds in a sealed factory case
Winchester Ranger Bonded Hollow point 40 caliber S&W ammo. FBI carry load / Government contract overrun that has been reclassified for consumer sales. This ammo features a bonded hollow point bullet weighing 180 grains and a brass case. Comes packaged in the attractive Ranger box, available in limited quantities at a discount price. In my opinion Winchester Ranger is the highest quality hollow point ammunition money can buy, don't miss out.
Notice : Winchester had these pallets triple stacked in the warehouse some some of the cartons and boxes have been slightly crushed, the ammo is still perfect. Click on the last picture to see an example of these boxes.
3 or more$147.95
List Price: $195.00
Estimated Shipping Cost: $14.00
Estimated Shipping for 2: $22.00
Quantity in Stock
SKU: ZQ4355-500
Seemed like a pretty good price. Since they're located in Stillwater, which isn't too far from us, the hubster sent an email asking if we could just come by and pick up an order. They replied almost immediately that all sales are online. We ordered some on Saturday. A few hours after ordering, we received an email that our order was complete. Then this morning, we received another email that the order has shipped.  They appear to be on the ball, customer-service oriented. 

Anyway, just thought I'd share in case anyone else is interested in purchasing this ammo. They only have 26 cases in stock so don't dally.

**UPDATE 10/12/2011**

We received our shipment yesterday. Even though the above ad said the boxes had been slightly crushed, the ones we received were in perfect condition.

All in all, a good experience. We'll definitely keep this small, family-run operation in mind the next time we need to purchase ammunition.


  1. That's excellent. I have a Beretta in .40 and also a Glock. I have a Paraordnance P16-40 too. I think I will try to get them some of this fodder.

  2. Awesome! I'm glad someone found this useful.